Meet Mark Bezinque

Mark assists his clients in their transition out of their marriage and into their new lives with a lasting resolution that meets their core needs related to their family, financial security, individual privacy and personal dignity.

A Collaborative Law Attorney

As a Collaborative Law attorney, he helps clients simplify the confusion of the divorce process and enables them to prioritize their needs. He firmly manages his client's concerns regarding parenting plans and residency schedules, spousal and child support, location and valuation of assets and valuation of businesses and real estate. He empowers his clients to make good legal decisions to achieve a result they can be proud of and that will last into the future.

Mr. Bezinque also has close working relationships with professionals in financial management, mental health and valuation that can support the effective implementation of the Collaborative Law process. Since first introducing Collaborative Law to the Rochester community, Mr. Bezinque continues to facilitate conferences and workshops on the topic. He is a frequent speaker on Collaborative Law to professionals and the public and is a founding member and past president of the Collaborative Law Association of the Rochester Area, Inc.


A Zealous Advocate

That not all couples are able to resolve their differences collaboratively, and as a result he continues his litigation practice. When appearing before judges, magistrates and referees, Mr. Bezinque is a zealous advocate for his clients, navigating through the legal system to achieve results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A Comment from J. S.

In a time of great confusion and sorrow, Mark was there for me and my children as a friend and a shepherd through a very painful time in my life. Mark was always respectful and supportive and was able to take me by the arm when I most needed someone to trust and guide me. He was always two steps ahead and had an almost prescient ability to know exactly what was going on and what to expect next every step of the way. I always appreciated Mark's creativity and professionalism and his skill in finding the best possible solution for my entire family in a reasonable and balanced manner. I always felt like we were a team and I was always well informed throughout the process and Mark was always available to listen and to help. I am truly glad that I met Mark and have already recommended him to other people going through the same difficult experience and will continue to.